Shandong Taishan Electric Power Construction Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Taishan Electric Power Construction Group) in the Department of national security Shandong Tiansheng Electric Power Construction Engineering Co. Ltd., Shandong heavy pressure vessel manufacturing Co. Ltd., Shandong SDIC Electric Power Material Co. Ltd., Tai'an City, Chongqing mother-in-law Catering Services Limited on the basis of the formation of a comprehensive group company limited.

The group has the national electric power engineering general contracting two qualifications, the national civil nuclear pressure equipment installation qualification, housing construction general contracting two qualifications, installation (repair, test) power facilities three qualifications, safety production license, anti-corrosion insulation engineering contracting three qualifications, lifting equipment manufacturing, a lifting equipment installation and maintenance contractor qualification, elevator installation and maintenance contract level qualifications, pressure vessel design, A1 A2, A1, A2 and other manufacturing level more than 10 qualifications, and passed the GB / T19001 quality management system certification.

Construction Machinery Group has the advantage of rich resources, perfect management system, advanced management concept, outstanding talent reserve, sophisticated and rich experience, is the key enterprises of the domestic power plant maintenance field, by the domestic and foreign electric power engineering project contracting and production operation and maintenance of the main business, mainly engaged in the production of power generation equipment and maintenance, technical innovation, maintenance, operation and construction work, customers nationwide more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions, as well as Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, and Guohua group, China can maintain long-term cooperative relations group, Guodian, Datang International and Huadian Group, Jingneng group, China power investment, Datang Group, a number of large power companies, completed a number of power plants from 300MW to 1000MW ultra supercritical unit and operation and maintenance, maintenance and Machine equipment, materials, spare parts, design and technical transformation work, the group since its establishment, has won more than 1500 projects, and customers to share the world's most cutting-edge technology management level, to maximize the proceeds.

The Taishan gives us a broad, bold, integrity, "sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win" is our eternal creed, Taishan Electric Power Construction Group will use professional, lean, cooperation, the unique quality of civilization, dedication, courageously, rigorous work, and strive to create a "super flow of Taishan electric power construction" brand. In the process of sustainable development in Yong when electric power construction industry leader, vanguard of overseas project.

Willing to work with you hand in hand, and create a better future.