Jixi two thermal project department to complete 7 belt hidden crack control task

In June 15, 2017 two, the Jixi heat project department Zou Yidong class locomotive fuel, equipment patrol inspection found, 7 coal belt local cracking phenomenon, if not timely treatment, will lead to unpredictable risks, by virtue of his work experience resolutely decided to stop running belt, and promptly made a report to monitor.

Squad leader Wang Xing learned that after much attention, the first time rushed to the scene, for this section of the work site and other practical features, comprehensive on-site analysis and safety measures. To complete the task of risk management as soon as possible, to ensure the completion of the shortest period of time, his hand from the team organization to mobilize personnel, on the other hand, in order to veteran soldiers and able captains, repair tools and work order, within a short period of time to prepare, 7 coal belt hidden governance tasks in an orderly way opened.

The construction site of the unified deployment, carry out their duties, precision unity, the problems existing in the construction of common solutions, they overcome the time, heavy task and other unfavorable factors work, timely and orderly adjustment process, in close coordination, conscientiously do a good job in the implementation of all safety measures, they experienced repair hours orderly, overtime successfully completed the task of risk management. (Hu Jizhong)